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Dominici Antonio & F.lli Srl Costruzioni Meccaniche

Via Pievaiola 164 L, 06132 Perugia
Telephone +39 075 5288441
Fax +39 075 5280908

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  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.07  Wrapping machines

Our products

Product category: Wrapping machines

Chocolate egg wrapping sheet machine


The egg, placed manually on the feeding chain, is picked-up and moved to the feeding station of the base, which is automatically loaded by a special magazine. At this point, the wrapping sheet is cut by a reel and it moves toward the wrapping unit where the egg is packed with a bowknot.

The feeding chain does not change according to the format but has a capacity of up to seven eggs and can be customised on request. It is possible to install automatic egg loading devices.

It can work with reels with a continuous or centred print via a photoelectric cell. Easily interchangeable formats by simply substituting a few mechanical elements and settings of the parameters from the operator interface display. The bowknot ensures a perfect seal and allows it to be easily undone by simply pulling one of the ends of the string. The perfect layout of the sheet folds allows the wrapping to require minimum final adjustments at the exit.

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Product category: Wrapping machines

Automatic feeder for wrapping machine M220


The hopper is loaded with bulk chocolate disks and its high capacity- approximately 30 l – guarantees long operational autonomy. A system for eliminating broken disks ensures that only perfectly intact disks are fed into the M220.

This feeder allows the M220 to be set in line with the chocolate disk production system for fully automated feeding or as an independent unit composed by the AM220 and M220, where the operator must only load the bulk chocolate disks and therefore, they can feed and monitor several machines.

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Product category: Wrapping machines

Vertical accumulator


The machine accumulates products when the line downstream is unable to receive them and it reintroduces the products automatically as soon as the machine is able to reabsorb them; this means that any accidental pauses occurring downstream in the packaging system do not halt production, which has huge advantages: a reduction in the workforce required to carry out this procedure, much higher productivity guaranteed.

The system is designed for packs of liquids and is very versatile, offering benefits for a wide variety of sizes and other types of products of a similar, regular shape.

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Over 70 years on the automation sector for the food industry and in the packaging sector – besides our standard machines, which have been consolidated and perfected over time, we are able to offer solutions for particular automation requirements. Having worked for the leading companies in the packaging and food sectors is the best guarantee of quality and reliability of our machines.

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  • Confectionery products
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