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Valco Melton S.L.U.

Pol. Industrial Agustinos Calle G, D34, 31160 Orcoyen
Telephone +34 948 321585
Fax +34 948 326584

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.05  Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Our products

Product category: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media


The EcoStitch MXM electric valve is used for many different applications, most notably in the packaging industry, where production uptime is essential and adhesive savings ROI is paramount. 
EcoStitch™ technology offers an intelligent solution for electric hot melt application, with hard evidence to support adhesive savings of up to 70% by working on dot mode, and less downtime with a 95% reduction in maintenance. As the packaging industry feels pressure to reduce its overall carbon footprint, all electric systems are an attractive solution.c
The MXM electric valve can operate at extremely high speeds reaching 15,000 cycles per minute for short bursts and have a lifetime capable of more than 2 billion cycles depending on operating conditions. The MXM is compatible with viscosities ranging up to 7,000cps and with operating temperatures up to 400 degrees F.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

PackChek | Hot Melt Inspection for End-of-Line Packaging

PackChek camera inspection system analyzes thermal and visual images of every package to ensure proper hot melt application in real time. With current line speeds exceeding 300 feet per minute and up to 10,000 cases per hour, PackChek is ideal for high-speed cartoners, case sealers and even wrap around machines. 

PackChek inspects the entire case, after the flaps are closed, to ensure correct hot melt placement, compression and case integrity. It has been designed to catch three main types of defects:
• Missing glue beads
• Weak glue beads
• Out of position glue beads

When one bead, or a combination of beads, does not meet a requirement (predetermined tolerance levels configured by the user), outputs can be configured to stop the machine, eject a case, or sound an alarm.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Pneumatic Hot Melt Applicators

Increase your production capabilities and product success with Valco Melton’s comprehensive range of hot melt glue guns, designed to satisfy all application requirements in the packaging industry. An array of dispensing modules can be included in either a single or multi-module configuration. The applicator’s body design and the module configuration will vary depending on the specific requirements for each application. 
Specific configurations include our ME Double Effect Applicators, MK-F Insulated Double-Effect Applicators, MZ Spray Guns with Air Heater, MF Applicators with Integrated Filter or LP Series Low Profile Applicators, as well as our MS Series of modular guns for standard applications. 

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Product category: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Melt on Demand Systems | Kube & eKube

Improve production efficiency by eliminating adhesive degradation problems with the Kube technology, an enclosed system with integrated autofeeder that prevents dirt and debris from getting in the melt tank, thus eliminating plugged nozzles. Melt on demand technology promotes adhesive stability and reduces char by only melting adhesive as needed.

This system features an assortment of adhesive applicator and spare part options, which are fully compatible with market standards. Multiple machine mount configurations optimize adhesive dispensing performance while using any adhesive brand, making the Kube an ideal solution for any case and carton sealing application.

An all-electric alternative is available with eKube. This system guarantees a constant, pulse-free adhesive flow with the electric-driven gear pump, designed to operate at peak performance with virtually no maintenance throughout the melter’s life cycle. When used in combination with the EcoStitch™ all-electric hot melt applicator, packagers can benefit from additional savings including a reduction of up to 75% in adhesive usage, as well as the elimination of maintenance stops caused by pneumatic elements.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Melters | Hot Melt Tanks

Valco Melton offers a wide range of piston and gear pump units to cover a variety of gluing industry applications. Each unit has been tailored to meet special temperature, tank size, and operation requirements.

Based on your application’s requirements, hot melt units should incorporate either a piston pump (pneumatic) or a gear pump. Piston pumps are primarily used in packaging applications where high adhesive output and pressure are needed. Gear pumps are more suitable for applications involving high viscosity adhesives and/or where there is a requirement for a very controlled and metered adhesive output.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Automatic Hot Melt Feeding Systems

Automatic adhesive filling systems are self contained, controlled systems that administer the level of hot melt adhesive in the melt tank without line operator or maintenance staff intervention to save time and avoid additional labor costs. These systems feature a venture vacuum that automatically pulls the “chip” adhesive from an adhesive bin, through a feeding tube and into the hot melt reservoir.

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About us

Company portrait

Established in 1952 and renamed in 2008, Valco Melton is one of the world’s leading suppliers of adhesive application and quality assurance equipment for a variety of processes, including the packaging industry.

Valco Melton has the ability to address any and all packaging needs. Whether it’s carton sealing, case erecting, high-speed beverage packaging, palletizing, tray forming, straw attaching, or End-of-line packaging hot melt inspection, Valco Melton provides some of the world’s best and most innovative machinery solutions to meet the complex demands of diverse dispensing applications and closure integrity inspection. If you’re looking for a pneumatic packaging solution, electric dispensing equipment, a melt-on-demand system, or anything in between, we’ll work with your team to create the package that works best for your plant’s unique requirements.

Valco Melton’s solutions are guaranteed to drive improvements in package quality, reduction of consumables (such as adhesive), and frequency of compressed air and parts changes. Our goal is to make your process and production less expensive, more efficient, and less vulnerable to downtime, while providing a true ROI that includes immediate cost reduction of your packaged product.

With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, direct sales, research & manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Europe, China, and India, and a network of dedicated distributors through every major continent throughout the world, Valco Melton is present through direct operations and distributorships across the globe.

Valco Melton is grouped into specialized research and manufacturing units to cover a wide variety of OEM and end-user needs. Our team is comprised of carefully selected specialists that have contributed to the long-standing success and forefront innovations of our company.

Our Engineered Products Group provides specialized knowledge and solutions for some of the industries most respected brands that often need equipment and systems custom-tailored to specific requirements. This includes complete work cells for non-standard industrial applications, as well as the design and integration of precision metering, mixing, and dispensing systems.

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  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
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