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Kuraray EVAL Europe NV

Haven 1053 Nieuwe Weg 1 - Bus 10, 2070 Zwijndrecht, Antgwerp
Telephone +32 3 2509733
Fax +32 3 2509704
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Packaging materials / Plastic / Starch & Starch blends

Our products

Product category: Packaging materials / Plastic / Starch & Starch blends

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Halogen-free protection for pharmaceuticals against oxygen and contamination.
As pharmaceutical architecture becomes increasingly complex, so does its sensitivity to oxygen and contamination. EVAL™provides superior oxygen and chemical barriers that offer safe and transparent alternatives to PAN, PVDC and aluminium foil.

Add EVAL™ barrier to a wide range of packaging options from pouches, SUP and overwrap to bottles to formed push-through packs. For the most sensitive applications, unique oxygen scavenging EVAL™, adds extra safety and extends shelf life by reducing oxygen ingress to zero.

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Product category: Packaging materials / Plastic / Starch & Starch blends


Ensuring that cosmetics arrive with their functional ingredients intact
Cosmetic manufacturers are aware of the fact that the packaging of the cosmetics adds to the appeal of the cosmetic itself and that the packaging is becoming an important factor in the purchase decision process.

Keeping in mind that every cosmetic packaging application requires a different approach, it is important to define a list of requirements for a an efficient packaging, since fragrance packaging is totally different than, for instance, hair-care packaging.

An important function of the packaging material is to make sure that the contents retain their fragrance, consistency, colour and most importantly, their cosmetic action for a long period of time.

Sun lotions, skin care agents, hair dyes all contain active agents and specific care substances, the packaging material needs to be resistant to these agents and has to make sure that these agents retain their action during the product use.

In order to attract the consumer's attention between the variety of other products, the packaging material has to be attractive and eye-catching.

Multilayer cosmetic packages using an EVAL™ layer will considerably enhance the preservation of the fragrances and ensure that the cosmetic agents maintain their effectiveness over a long period of time.

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Product category: Packaging materials / Plastic / Starch & Starch blends


Plastic exhibits several advantages over metals, including being light-weight and its ease of fabrication, when applied to industrial and automotive applications. It has become the material of choice in many automotive applications, including: fuel tanks, fuel lines and filler tubes. 

In the early 1990s, multilayer plastic fuel tanks began to replace metal fuel tanks. Today, multilayer fuel tanks make up over 90% of the market in North America.

There are a variety of applications within the automotive market that require the chemical and gas barrier that EVAL™ provides. These applications include:

  • Plastic Fuel Tanks (PFT)
  • Fuel Lines
  • Filler Pipes

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Introducing Kuraray (and EVAL Europe nv)

The Kuraray Group consists of over 60 companies, employing around 7,000 people around the world. The world's largest producer of PVOH and EVOH resins and films, Kuraray operates production sites in Japan, the USA, Europe and Singapore.    As a leader in high gas barrier technology and development, Kuraray established fully-owned subsidiary EVAL Europe N.V. in Antwerp, Belgium for the production and sales of its EVAL™ EVOH barrier resins in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region.

Kuraray has been manufacturing and marketing ethylene vinyl-alcohol copolymers (EVOH) under the name EVAL™ since 1972, and remains the world leader in EVOH production and market development. EVAL™ is one of Kuraray's core businesses and is produced globally in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. The sales and technical development of EVAL™ is supported by specialised local teams in each region.

EVAL™ is commercially available in two forms: resins (plastic granules for coextrusion) and films (for lamination). The EVAL™ product line provides the world's widest available grade range of EVOH resins and films. These unique high barrier polymers are particularly suited for preserving quality and avoiding waste in food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial packaging.  They also help use energy more efficiently and reduce environmental impact in automotive fuel systems, building and construction materials and agricultural films.

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