Exos - Biscuits & Snacks - Control your packaging leakage easily without water

Exos leak analysis snack & biscuits packaging

Leak detection is a sensitive issue for industrial packaging.

Good control of the packaging integrity enables manufacturers to prevent customer returns, and for the customer to avoid a bad taste experience or food safety issue with the product.

Furthermore, a measurement of the leakage provides a quantifiable reference, which can be used to optimize the parameters of packaging machines: sealing time, speed, etc.


Understanding the desire of manufacturers to be able quantify the leakage of their packaging, Anéolia developed a unique solution: EXOS .

This leakage analysis system is simple to use, easy to install, and does not use water unlike the water bath. While the water bath detects only 30% 75μm leaks (ASTM standard), EXOS can go down to 5µm.

The Exos analyzer is easy to handle by production operators. Furthermore its price is lower than comparable technologies available on the market with same sensitivity (tracer gas, etc.)

The Exos system works on the principle of flow metering.
A needle is inserted through the package and air is injected into the package. A relative over pressure from 20 to 500mbars is then imposed in the packaging. If there is a leak, Exos will have to continuously inject air into the package to maintain the overpressure, and then obtain the leak rate of the packaging in ml/min, and also the pinhole size equivalent in micron.

The Exos is available under two versions:
- Leak analysis for food, with a sensitivity range from 30µm to 300μm.
- Leak analysis for Laboratory, with a sensitivity range from 5µm to 150μm.

The Exos can also be combined with the gas analysis for O2 & CO2 for modified atmosphere packaging.


The Exos is supplied with a traceability management software, your results are recorded, with all information essential for traceability (batch number, operator, prod line, time, etc.)

The Exos can be connected to a printer or bar code reader via USB, and can be accessed remotely by connecting the device via an Ethernet connection.

Customer reaction:
"The equipment is particularly user friendly for our front line operators with easy to follow touch panel display. The built in mass-storage records provides quick and easy traceability on test results and trends." Paul A., quality specialist for the world leader in snack food, UK.

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