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Goglio one-way degassing valves

Goglio valves

The one-way degassing valve, originally invented and developed by Goglio, is the most appreciated and imitated worldwide.

The valve is used to release the naturally gasses produced by products like coffee, fresh pasta, cheese, olives with brine, sauerkraut, etc., but also to allow a perfect and stable big bags palletization, thus preventing air from entering and keeping the authentic properties and preservation on each product.

Valves open when the pressure inside the bag is higher than outside and close when the degassing process is over. Each valve is the result of a thriving activity of our Plastic Division Research & Development.

The original Goglio valve allows you to:

  • pack goods that release gasses

  • be sure that oxygen does not enter the pack

  • extend product preservation and shelf-life

  • preserve your products natural taste and flavour

  • improve and enhance package aesthetics

  • ensure package seal integrity

  • solve specific packaging requirements

  • safely palletize big bags

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