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There is only one Dolav …

There is only one Dolav …

Over the years, the word “Dolav” has become a generic term for pallet boxes. But there is only one company that producesDOLAV®palletboxes and therefore, there is only one real Dolav.

DOLAV®pallet boxes are manufactured through one-piece injection moulding. During production, a specially developed additive is added to the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This combination provides Dolavs with their unique features.

We offer numerous options for modifying Dolavs to fit our customers’ needs. Many variations are possible when it comes to bespoke sizes, colours, printing or fitting the boxes with lids, wheels, drains and such.

Strong and solid

The one-piece moulded structure of Dolavs ensures that no pieces will break or fall off during daily heavy-duty use and handling. This has been proven by the extensive performance tests our products have undergone. Independent testing authorities have confirmed Dolavs to be very strong compared to other, seemingly similar products.


Dolavs are manufactured from food grade materials and are the most hygienic solution for use and re-use when handling food stuffs meant for consumption. An important advantage when taking into account the strict hygienicrequirements that are applicable in the food industry.

DOLAV® productshold EU, USDA, EK and FDA approvals for direct contact with food. DOLAV® products that were tested by FDA hold the IPRC certifications.


When customers compare the costs of replacement for the various types of pallet boxes that are available in the market place, they soon find out that Dolavs prove to be the best investment since their excellent quality ensure a long life span. As a result, the cost for repair and replacement belong to the past.

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