Looks like PET, but is the bioplastic PEF ( photo: Avantium)

Bioplastics in packaging

What exactly are bioplastics?

A four sector diagram illustrates which bioplastics are biobased, biodegradable, or both.

Not all bioplastics are the same. In the best case, the material is biobased and biodegradable. (Image: European Bioplastics)

What can bioplastics do?

Product photo of a Cocoa Canopy packet with wrapping

British drinking chocolate producer Cocoa Canopy uses the bioplastic wrap NatureFlex for their products. (Image: Cocoa Canopy)

What are the considerations?

What does the future hold?

A factory employee monitors the production of PEF.

Dutch company Avantium produces the PEF bioplastic – here in their factory in Geleen. (Image: Avantium)